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Social Media Lessons Learned – Facebook’s 10th Anniversary

Today I read an article about Facebook celebrating their 10th Anniversary.

And it got me thinking about 2 things:

1)      Man oh man does time fly by when you are having fun.

2)      How much social media has changed the way we interact and network!!!

When I went away to university in 2000 (I hope you don’t mind this trip down memory lane…I know I enjoyed it), I had a very hard time keeping my high school relationships going. There were so many people that were involved in my life that I completely lost touch with when I went away.

If I didn’t have their new school numbers or their newly created email addresses then there really wasn’t a way to stay in contact.

I say newly created email addresses because I didn’t even get an email address until the September I started at the University of Windsor!

I also remember hearing about (and then immediately downloading) ICQ and thinking it was the best thing ever!

And in a lot of ways it was. I could use it to talk to any one, any where, any time. What a fantastic concept.

Between ICQ and email (after I was able to get everyone’s email address), my ability to stay in touch with my network of friends and acquaintances fundamentally changed.

Then through my 4+ years of university, I made an entirely new group of connections. And yet again I failed to keep in contact with them after leaving school.

By this time (2004), ICQ had given way to MSN Messenger, email had become mainstream, cell phones (along with texting) were in the middle of an explosion, and Facebook was created!!!

Despite all of these advances in social media, I didn’t take advantage of their immense powers of staying in touch. For years these networking tools were right there at my fingertips. And even though I knew of them, I refused to learn how to use them.

Looking back it was my failure to recognize the changes, and more importantly use these new social media platforms to connect (as well as maintain and grow my network ) that caused me to lose touch with so many awesome people throughout the years.

I joined Facebook in 2007, then Linked In in 2010, and finally Twitter in 2012. But it wasn’t until I read Unmarketing by Scott Stratten in 2013 did all the puzzle pieces fit together.

I finally realized what had been staring me in the face for years…that I needed to use and engage in social media to maximize the immense benefits they provided to myself and my businesses.

Lets face it, we live in a world where who you know (your sphere of influence) is one of the most important and valuable assets that a person can possess.

It doesn’t matter if you are a grade school teacher, an engineer, a real estate investor, or a real estate agent, the relationships you make and maintain have a direct and immense impact on the amount of success you are able to achieve in life.

Over the last 12+ months we at investdrei.ca have thrown ourselves into the social media frenzy. We have purchased two different courses on social media and we have also read 4 different books on the subject. Through our ongoing and intense studies, we are learning how to most effectively use each of the social media giants to maximize their benefits.

And what we have decided to do for you is share the information we have accumulated so you can maximize the benefits of social media in your life.

The first medium we will tackle is also the most business oriented of the social media channels, LinkedIn.

The Marketing Manager of our three businesses, Cindy Scholten, is an absolute wizard when it comes to LinkedIn. So I asked her to do you a huge favour and to share all her LinkedIn secrets.

She obliged and created an incredible 1 hour training video on how to maximize the value of your LinkedIn profile.

To access this free training CLICK HERE

Just a heads up, this training is information packed so you are going to want to take lots of notes! Cindy digs deep and covers every single aspect of LinkedIn and how you need to use it.

Enjoy the video and talk soon,


P.S. Please leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of the training.