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Olympic Women’s Hockey Team – A Lesson to be Learned

Yesterday I watched one of the most incredible 20 minutes of hockey EVER!

And what made the game so amazing was not just the hockey game itself (although it was great hockey!), but rather the resolve the Canadian women displayed. And within the context of their collective resolve there is a HUGE lesson for all of us to learn.

The game I am referring to is the Olympic Women’s Hockey Gold Medal Game.

This was one of those games where 20 years from now I will remember where I was when I watched it. And for me it was at the Black Goose in Wallaceburg.

I knew the game was on but couldn’t watch the entire game live because of all the work I had to do. So instead of missing the entire game I decided to take a late lunch in an attempt to catch some good 3rd period action.

And man oh man (or woman oh woman) did I time it perfect!

I got to the restaurant with about 10 minutes left in the 3rd and I was treated to some of the best hockey ever played!

The reason this game was so amazing and inspiring was the determination the Canadian team showed. I have played a lot of hockey in my day and being down 2-0 in the 3rd is tough! You have gone the first 40+ minutes of play without being able to score a goal and the pressure of the Olympic stage would have been incredible!

But watching our girls you would have never known so much was on the line! Shift after shift they just kept coming.

And finally they broke through with one goal…and then another with under a minute left.

Then they went to their dressing room, regrouped, and came out flying in overtime until they scored the winner to clinch the gold.

I tried to keep the recap short as I am sure EVERY single one of you has at least watched the highlights by now.

But putting the game itself aside, what really amazed me about this team is their mental makeup. From the moment they won the gold 4 years ago in Vancouver, they have been focused on one common goal…and that was to win Olympic Gold in Sochi.

Having an ENTIRE TEAM work relentlessly for 72 months with an unwavering commitment means more than most of us will ever realize. We simply witness them play incredible hockey and win Olympic gold.

But make no mistake, it was that collective focus and drive that created the results we as a country enjoyed. It was the reason the women never panicked nor gave up. It gave them the strength and power they needed to overcome such an incredible obstacle.

And the unwavering commitment to achieve their goal is the lesson we should all take from this amazing group of women.

So I, through this blog, I am urging you: please don’t let this perfect learning lesson get lost in all the noise.

Take some time today to think about what it is in life that you want right now. It can be in any area of your life, but I challenge you to think long and hard about what is the one thing in the world that you want to achieve/have RIGHT NOW.

Take as much time as you need (within reason) to figure it out because once you have it I challenge you right here and right now to commit to achieving it!

And I am not talking about the old rah rah ya I am going to do this motto…I am talking about something way deeper, way more profound.

You need to dig deeper than you ever have before to get the type of unwavering commitment these women displayed over the last 4 years.

The real lesson here is that you can achieve absolutely ANYTHING you want for your life. And the secret to doing so is finding the unwavering commitment inside you. Because this commitment will drive you to do want you need to do to achieve it.

And without it, you will find yourself disappointed in yet another goal not achieved.

Talk soon,