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Pull Your Head Out of Your $%#@…The Ontario Election

Do you know where the fastest rising costs to the Ontario Government (and more importantly the tax paying citizens of this beautiful province) are going to come from over the next 3 years?

Healthcare? Education? Public Services?

No, No, and No.

They will come from the interest on our Provincial Debt!!!

As much as we all want to continue enjoying everything this province has to offer, the reality is that we are currently living in an unsustainable way. Every single hour that goes by our provincial debt rises by 1.5 million dollars and if we keep going the way we are our total debt will be at 280 BILLION dollars by 2018!!!

That is a scary fact.

The ONLY way to right the ship is to balance the budget. If we don’t, we as working Ontario residents will suffer the consequences. You think your taxes are high now???

Just imagine what they will be in 3, 5, and 10 years if we don’t have a government that is not only committed to fiscal responsibility but actually has a legitimate plan to make it happen.

And when I say a legitimate plan, I mean a plan that does not revolve around spending our way out of this mess (which is the exact strategy the current Ontario government has been using since 2008).

And stop right now because I can already hear you saying, but Kevin, cutting 100,000 public sector jobs is not the way to go about it. And furthermore, the devil himself Hudak, plans on giving even more tax breaks to corporations and big business!

Well guess what. We need to trim these government funded jobs and the statistics show that the public service sector of our province has become bloated and is costing us AS TAXPAYERS way too much!

We need to be applauding and more importantly electing a government that has a plan to get it back under control.

And guess how we as a province attract more jobs? We attract big businesses that create lots of jobs. And how do we attract these businesses? We create an environment in which we are competitive with the rest of the world for doing business.

If you have lived ANYWHERE in Ontario over the last decade you can attest to how many manufacturing jobs that have been lost because Ontario has not been competitive enough.

There are currently over one million people out of work in our province and the only way to get more jobs is to attract more employers.

The reason I am writing this blog today is so that we as a province fully understand the challenges that we face in 2014. The absolute WORST thing we can do is keep our heads buried in the sand and not look at the facts.

Would it be fantastic if a political party could come in and increase spending in Education, Healthcare, and Social Services (and all other areas of government for that matter) and at the same time magically balance the budget?

Abso – frigin – lutely!

But that is not the reality we are currently facing.

The cold hard truth is that we need to cut spending and increase jobs.

It really is that simple.

And any political party that promises to balance the budget while increasing spending is simply blowing smoke up your you know what.

Make no mistake about it, and please, please, please don’t try to fool yourself into thinking anything other than the truth in this situation. And that is this: We as tax paying citizens WILL as a province suffer the financial consequences (higher taxes and increased provincial debt) if we don’t pull our collective heads out of the sand NOW.