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The New Year’s Resolution EVERYONE Needs to Make


I want to start out by wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and successful 2015!

And today I am going to be talking about New Year Resolutions… We all make them but only a select few of us are successful in achieving them.

I think the key to achieving the goals you are setting for yourself for 2015 is to first off keep the amount of resolutions small and secondly stay laser focused on the most important ones.

So, before we go any further, what is the single most important New Year’s Resolution you are going to make this year?


I took the time to do some research and I found that the 3 most common New Year Resolutions for 2014 were:

1)      To Lose Weight (hey this sounds familiar)

2)      To Get Organized

3)      To Spend Less, Save More

Was your most important resolution somehow tied to one of the three listed above? If so don’t write it down in ink just yet because there is a New Year Resolution you might want to move up to the top of your list after you finish reading this article!

The one resolution that should top this list each and every year (In my opinion anyways) was no where to be found when I did my search. The resolution I am referring to is Taking Control of Your Financial Future (and no spending less/saving more is not the same thing)!

Retirement is something everyone loves to dream about but hates to plan for or worry about. We simply keep our nose to the grindstone, working away at our jobs trying everything we can to make more money. Then we come home to take care of our families and our homes. And if there is any energy left after that, we find ways to enjoy life to its fullest.

As for the money, well we just give it to someone else to look after and close the book. When monthly and yearly statements come in, we file them away as we continue to dream of the day we get to retire.

Whenever we start to feel anxious about the future, about whether we will have enough money to retire the way we want…we push that feeling as far down as possible and we busy ourselves with something, anything, else that takes our mind off of it.

And don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing this way of life. In fact I feel it is a great way to live (minus the money part).

The problem is, it’s just not enough when it comes to retirement. Ignoring our financial future and/or leaving it entirely in the hands of someone else can have devastating results.

And this is not a personal opinion piece here guys (and gals)…the statistics show this to be true. Royal Bank did a study a few years back and they polled Canadians about retirement. And what they found was down right shocking.

Did you know that only 1 in 5 Canadians have a plan and will be able to retire by the age of 60?!

Just think about that for a minute. Think about 4 other couples that you are close to in your life and the fact that only one of you is going to be able to enjoy retirement before you get too old.

Scary isn’t it!

But the good news is that you have the ability to take control of your financial future at any point.

So do yourself a HUGE favour and start RIGHT NOW.

Fight the urge to close down this blog and push that fear down deep again! Instead start to think long and hard about where you are at financially and try to honestly answer the question as to what side of the retirement statistics fence you are headed for.

Do you have a plan in place to retire comfortably in your 50’s? Does your plan have you on a path to be able to travel and enjoy the quality of life that you desire after retirement?

If so, congratulations. Keep up the great work and don’t get complacent. Always be looking for ways to make your money work as hard as possible.

If not, I have some great news for you…it is not too late! But one day it might be. So NOW is the time to make a new New Year Resolution. To make a promise to yourself to no longer ignore your financial future. To take a long and critical look at where you are right now, and where you want to be at retirement.

And realize that simply bringing awareness to the situation is a monumental first step!

Next week I am going to be blogging on why so many people can’t afford to retire and give you some ideas on how you can begin to take control of your financial future.

Talk soon,

Kevin Mitchell

  • smac

    Very Good advice Kevin, where were you when I was 30 oh yeah I’m too old to ask you that you likely were not even thought of yet, Anyhow since I’m past being able to help financially my New Years Resolution was to Speak Less and Listen More. So far I’m not doing to bad but it depends on whom you ask lol….