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RealtorInvest Name Change Contest!

Big 3 Overview

RealtorInvest 2014 was a SMASHING success as over 500 real estate agents joined us for a fantastic day of learning, capped off by an inspiring keynote presentation by Mr. Kevin O’Leary.

We are now putting the finishing touches on the details for RealtorInvest 2015 (happening October 7th at the Pearson Convention Centre) and are working tirelessly to make this year’s event even better!

Unfortunately, this event will have to undergo a name change.

The sticklers at CREA apparently won’t let anyone use the word, or more correctly the copy written term, Realtor.

Their legal team is all over us, and as much as I would like to tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and to worry about more important matters, Erik has convinced me that we should go through the process of changing our event name.

But we have run into issues with the name change and thus the inspiration for this latest blog entry.

Erik likes one specific name, and I like another…but to be completely honest I haven’t been able to think of an event name that I like nearly as much as RealtorInvest.

So what we have decided to do is create a contest and have you, our real estate agent community, help decide what the new name should be.

The winner of this contest will receive 2 VIP Tickets to RealtorInvest 2015 (an $800 value) as well as a $50 Gas Gift Card! And all that participate will receive access to Kevin O’Leary’s Keynote Presentation from last year.

And before I explain how the contest works, here is the wording from the RealtorInvest website on what the event is all about:

Canadian real estate has emerged as one of the best investments in the world. More and more people are choosing to invest their money in a real physical asset (property) rather than leaving it in the stock market and as such, WE ARE HOSTING A LIVE TRAINING EVENT FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS to take advantage of this massive opportunity!

RealtorInvest is an all day training session jam packed with information that is going to give you all the tools and resources you need RIGHT NOW to expand your business and grow your wealth!

The training is broken down into two different sections.

In the morning you will learn a proven and repeatable step-by-step system on how to find, negotiate, and purchase cashflowing properties anywhere in Canada.

Then in the afternoon you will be learning how to attract investors into your business and more importantly, how to convert those investor leads into sales! After these two amazing sessions are completed Mr. Kevin O’Leary takes the stage to share with you the hidden secrets behind taking your business to the next level! This is the must attend Real Estate Agent event of the year! So act now and purchase your ticket before they sell out!

Now here are the contest details:

1)      Click on THIS LINK now

2)      Vote on which of the event names you like best

3)      Enter an event name (that isn’t already listed) in the box provide

4)      Click the Submit button

And that’s it!

The winner will be decided based on what name we choose. If someone submits a new name that we like better than the ones we already have, they will be the undisputed winner!

But if we go with one of the names listed on the form, we will draw a name from the list of participants that choose that specific event name.

Then on April 30th, I will create another blog post to announce both the new name and the contest winner.

So do us a favor and take just one minute to CLICK THIS LINK to be entered into the contest.

Talk soon,