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For The Love Of All Things Sacred. GET EDUCATED!

The recent terrorist attack in Paris was a terrible act and incredibly sad for so many reasons – but it is also an opportunity for us in Western society to learn a much needed and overdue lesson.


And that is to GET EDUCATED!


get educated

If there is one thing in this society that – for the life of me – I can’t understand is our collective refusal to get educated on ANYTHING.


And it happens ALL. THE. TIME.


For the recent Canadian election, I could not believe the percentage of Canadians that had NO IDEA what each political party stood for, nor their party platform, nor the right or left wing nature of each party.


For investments, people give their money to someone else – usually a financial planner – and NEVER conduct ANY research on the investment products they are invested in.


Now with these terrorist attacks people are choosing to subscribe to a hate based mentality of an entire religion – without knowing ANYTHING about the religion or the crazy break off cult they refer to as ISIS.


It is embarrassing that in this information age people chose to subscribe to the opinions of whatever posts they read on social media – or some old, tired, racist based ideologies – rather than simply visiting the google website and doing some basic research on the topic at hand.


And people it really is that simple. You want to have an opinion on something?




But please, please, please commit to having an educated opinion. And remember, the information is right at your fingertips!


What to know what political party to vote for? Google it.


What to know more about your investments? Do the research!


Want to know about the ISIS terrorist group and the best way to deal with them both individually and as a society? For the love of all things sacred, GET EDUCATED!


Talk soon,


Kevin Mitchell


P.S. If you want to learn more about ISIS – who they are, what they want, and the best way to combat what they are doing - Watch This Video and Read This Article.